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One of the founding principles of AppsPlanet Technologies is that the client should have a great experience right from day 1 of engaging with us to the final delivery of product.We provide not just great resources but also project management and quality practices that come along with them at no extra charge to the client.We hold ourselves fully accountable for the delivery to minimize risk for client.We take pride in the team that we have built and the applications/products that we have developed so far.Our working model is flexible based on client preferences and we can execute projects in both T&M as well as Fixed cost model.

Who We Are

AppsPlanet Technologies is new age technology company focusing on building web, social and mobile solutions to help enterprises compete in the rapidly evolving era of changing technologies, business models and ever rising customer expectations.Our mission is to enable businesses to leverage web, social network and mobile media effectively to build new business models, lower cost of operations and more effectively market their offerings.We work in Agile model so you will always be aware of the progress and be able to first hand experience how the product is shaping up right until the final delivery. Our model is based on complete transparency and we take full accountability for our deliverables.

Android / iOS
Web Development
Cloud Computing